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Welcome to the ‘Giant Page of Jammy’. 

It's the Jammy! I play too many games and have a collection of nearly 5000! It's an obsession I've learnt to live with.


Here you'll find all my work ranging back to 2004 with the early Plank Film Short Film Productions, through 2006 with my Video Review and other content for mobile gaming, to the more recent work I've been doing on Push-Start (News, Reviews, Opinion Pieces). There's even some University Projects and other things thrown in for good measure! Be sure to check the sidebar to find me on Twitter.

My Video Game collection now contains near 5000 titles (Featured on the IGN UK Podcast), and with the recent addition of new shelves, it's grown a little since then.

 The website is still being worked on, but here are some recent examples of my work -

A selection of recent written reviews for Push-Start (See All My Posts)

Datura [PS3]
Kinect Star Wars [Xbox 360]
Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure [Xbox 360]
Ridge Racer Unbounded [PS3/Xbox 360/PC]
Escape Plan [PS Vita]
Nexuiz [Xbox 360]
I Am Alive [Xbox 360/PS3]
Alan Wake's American Nightmare [Xbox 360/PC]

A selection of news/features posts for Push-Start (See All My Posts)

#1 Kinect Fun Labs - A Wasted Opportunity (Link)
#2 How and Why the Next Generation of Consoles Need to Better Integrate Social Media Applications (Link)
#3 What DICE should do now....Remake 'Midtown Madness 3'! (Link)
#4 CES 2012 Gaming Report from the Microsoft / Sony Keynote
#5 Top 5: What Hospital Management could learn from Theme Hospital (Link)
#6 'Xbox Live Games On Demand' and the Online-Pass? (Link)
#7 'Datura' shows us what the PSMove has been missing (Link)
#8 The 'Double Fine Adventure' Kickstart Concludes... (Link)
#9 The new 'Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel' does more than you know (Link
#10 'I will make you hurt' Live Action Prototype 2 Trailer (Link

Jammy's Archive: Volume #1 Featuring Dreamcast Titles (YouTube Channel)

#1 Pen Pen (2012)
#2 Aerowings (2012)
#3 San Francisco Rush 2049 (2012)

 Selection of Camera Based Video Projects (YouTube Channel)

#1 Dewsbury Minster 'bibleFresh Wakefield' Event Overview (2011)
#2 Higher Purpose - Short Film (2012)
#3 Eagle Quest - Plank Films Final Production (2006)

A Few Other Thing For Good Measure! (YouTube Channel)

#1 Project Gotham Racing (2006 Fan Movie)
#2 Halo Reach - Best Start To A Match (Double Headshot) (2011)
#3 Warfare Incorporated Video Review (Tapwave Zodiac 2005) 

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my website and my work. If you would like to get in contact with me, check the sidebar near the top of the page for all the links to my social media profiles, as well as a direct email address.

James Steel